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Welcome to the Reclaim Your Soul project. Your soul is the essence of you, the immaterial part of you as a human being. The definition of reclaim is to bring into usable condition. Do you feel like your soul is in usable condition? Whether it is, is not, or is somewhere in between, this is a good, safe, and transformative place to be.
When we dismiss our souls we get weary, we diminish others, we bear resentments, we pile up pain, we create an us vs. them world, we lash out or silence ourselves inordinately, we make decisions based on a pseudo-wisdom that leaves us empty. We give ourselves the wrong kinds of permission in the name of self-care and lose our truest selves in the process. Most heartbreakingly, we fail to connect with God and believe things about God that were never true and we miss the Love that came to set us Free.

This project is about slowing down the breakneck speeds to notice the interior movements of our souls and the invitations therein. Wedged within any calling, life stage, or challenge, there is a space where we can remain with God. Reclaim Your Soul will help you safeguard the Spring of Life within you so it is flowing again. Here you will gain strength to push through difficulty and learn when to stop pushing so you can listen and heal. It’s a place to remember that our bodies are messengers about our soul’s condition and that our lives are full of opportunity to lived Loved.

The Reclaim Your Soul project is about making space in the noise for whatever your soul needs, even if you don’t know what it needs…especially if you don’t know what it needs. Sometimes it needs to grieve and weep, forgive and heal, create and risk, be still and listen, celebrate and give, be bold and speak out.

Do you know what you soul needs?

And do you know how to feed it?

I have set out to make this site a place to literally Reclaim Your Soul. Along with the Thursday Posts, I have several resources here that will be ever-expanding. Please take advantage of all that will serve your journey. Those include:

  • Free e-guide to prayer without using words (free to subscribers). This book, Simple Embodied Spirituality, is a guide I have created so you can connect with God in your very real life. Few of us have time to sit down for hours and think about our souls movements, but these short exercises can give you small ways to pray throughout your days without using words, growing in trust of God’s love for you.

  • Book recommendations. This is a personally curated list of the best books I have come across that are shaping my understanding of the soul and moving me toward greater connection in life. Each book will have a description of why I have it on the list and a link to purchase.

  • Prepared retreats for purchase/download. This section will be updated regularly to reflect new retreats I am creating. They are perfect for setting a few hours or a day aside to be with God. They will be at an extremely affordable price so anyone can create the space to meet with God.

  • Personal Retreat Planning. Retreats have been one of the single most transformative experiences of my life in the last 12 years. You can read more about this amazing practice here.

  • Forthcoming- webinars on retreating, meditation, spiritual direction, and more.

Does something else come to mind that you would like to learn about in regards to the soul and connection with God? Let me know what you are interested in. When something pop into your mind, pop me an email. I would love to hear your thoughts and longings. Let’s do this together.