About Me

Hi there! Reclaiming my soul has been the work of my life. This Reclaim Your Soul project is the fruit of years of listening to my own soul’s movements in the very grave and challenging parts of life. I have lost income and a home, known paralyzing regrets, buried our stillborn son, separated from my husband and reunited again, forgiven the deepest offenses, lived with chronic pain, desperately hurt those closest to me, healed through sexual assault, battled anxiety and depression, been passed over because of my gender, and been embarrassed because of my perceived lack.

In the midst of all these realities I have called life something stunning and beautiful has emerged. I have found that my deepest and truest identity is not in the lack or abundance, the pain or joy, where I am screwing up again or where I am finally getting it right. It is simply that I Am Loved. So if you really want to know all about me, that is it: I Am Loved. When everything falls apart or is all gloriously put together, this Truth remains. It’s what continues to detangle who I am from what I do, and keep me doing it all anyways.

Yes, I am probably still wondering, “Do they like what I wrote? Is it meaningful to them? Is anyone going to comment or ‘like’ my page?!” And while I take soul work seriously, I am laughing at myself and at my insecurities that inevitably come with taking risks. I am full of joy in the possibility of running my race to the fullest and living right up to the edge of my own abilities.

I live in the world as woman, wife, mama to three, spiritual director, writer, retreat planner, and speaker. Most days also include smoothie-maker extraordinaire, alternative food chef, dance party creator, kombucha brewer, home-maker, and huge tree lover.

I would love to hear more about you! Tell me a little about yourself and what brought you here. I would love to hear from you!