On Why I Have Been Silent Here

I always feel slightly embarrassed when someone asks for my website because its been quiet here…I mean I haven’t written here since May! Let me tell you why.

You may have noticed the world is, well, a bit noisy. I mean, forget our closets and garages…there is so much internet clutter. I fear what this is doing to our brains, our souls, and our connection with God. And to be one who writes on the internet…it’s even more sneaky clutter. The constant wondering what people think and if there’s enough “traffic” and “likes” and “hits” and all of it is enough to lose one’s own soul…which is well, ironic given that big logo up in the corner says “Reclaim Your Soul.” I can’t exactly do that when I’m swimming in internet clutter, let alone internal clutter.

So I am going silent. A lot.

I don’t know how often I will write here on the blog, honestly. I chose to go silent here back in June 2017 (I went so silent I didn’t even tell you here!) and it’s been oh-so-good. Silence is where substantial soul depth is born. Silence is where one sees all of the clutter and stays long enough for it to begin its departure. Silence is where our false self meets its demise (again, and again, and again). Silence is a place to meet God. And if I’m going to do all the things I say I do up in that big picture up there, I have to be silent.

I can only speak when I am silent.

I can only lead when I am led.

I can only stop seeking “likes” when I am seeking God.
(so cheesy and so real, why does it have to be that way? like a poorly alliterated sermon. I digress.)

But if you want to stay connected (which would be great) you can subscribe to my newsletters, they come about once every month or two and are born from silence. My subscribers get what comes from my silent space. If you do you also get my free ebook on praying without words. In the newsletter I offer a brief pondering, a practice (a way to connect with God), what I am reading, and my gigs (writing, speaking, retreats, spiritual direction, etc.).

Recently published writing includes Finding Balance in Limitations at the Redbud Post. Next month I have my most exciting article yet at Christianity Today, I will come back and update the link when its published. You can find me at The Mansio Center as a spiritual director as well.

Peace to you (and some silence, too).

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