The Welcome of What Is

Today I have the privilege of writing over at the Mudroom!  I encourage you to head over, there are so many talented and beautiful souls writing on the nitty gritty of real life I can all but guarantee you will find yourself in their words. 

There are many rhythms that carry me through daily life and into the presence of God. As a Midwesterner, the four seasons have become a perpetual joy and sometimes annoyance, but a cadence upon which my body, mind, and soul have come to rely.  As an Anglican, the liturgy, Eucharist, and church calendar have carried me through cynicism, healing, anger, and rebirth. As a mother, the demand of a baby’s nighttime hunger, the emotional needs of a child, and the necessity of self-care have been the ever-opportune situations where I meet God for strength and inner filling.

But amid all of this, there is one inner movement that can distort these rhythmic invitations into mere thoughtless motion…[read the rest at the Mudroom]

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